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Our new album "Orphans" is available in stores and online from 20th october.
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Pre order your copy of our New album "Orphans" : Recorded at Convolution studio and mixed and mastered by Josh Schroder at Random awesome! studio in USA (Legend, A plea for purging).
We also confirmed one important guest on vocals: Chad Ruhilg from Legend (ex for the fallen dreams) sings on "Echo".
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released October 20, 2011



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DINE IN HELL Ravenna, Italy

Coming out of Ravenna, Italy, Dine In Hell sculpt a fresh brand of hardcore-metal: combining ferocious sludge drenched breakdowns and melodious sensibilities with a relentless violent energy.
After a year of work Dine In Hell are definetly ready to promote Orphans in Italy and in Europe, don't miss them and start listening to Dine In Hell.
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Track Name: Into The Misery
welcome to the misery
welcome to the worst world you've ever known,follow us miserable!
hope is dead and you too we lost ourselves in truth,follow us miserable!
fall in the abyss please,take these hands, follow us miserable!
this is the romance you have never wrote, this is the words you will never say,follow us miserable!
Track Name: The Forgotten
reality on tv, the golden cemetery!they drown in vanity the golden cemetery!
and you dead on the scum of fashion,and you dead on the monsters of screen, we are the martyrs of today,we are the glances of disgrace.
in the mortuary, you're not better than me. We reborn while the crowd's singing, we reborn while the mouths are speaking.
our mind is the catalysts , our faces we haven't missed. you won't be so famous you won't be a star, you will be the forgotten.
Track Name: Echo feat. Chad Ruhlig
Life this year with you I believe! truth till death real, passions cry in our chests but you cannot hear them
the voice in me is an echo for heartless kids!more than this, smell putrified, cancer inside!
What's real and what's for sale? This is what I am.
Track Name: The Biggest Infection
I've choose to face life on my own in your words there's no solutions so keep in mind what i deserve is not what I taken.
I'll find a better way I'll find the victory,I'll find a better way even if it'll rain everyday
I know how this ends, it will end.
the pettiness teaches ethics to his son pathetic a giant,gentle,a beast you conquered the weak ,are you satisfied?
Infected men I spit the poison in the deepest place of your chests.Infected men by the acid of your tongue, are you satisfied?
Track Name: Circle of Crypts
world with no tomorrow,
I have seen only sorrow,
through the looking glass I didn't see the peace
and around us
the death is the first thing

Unstoppable as the strength of nature
Earthquakes, and condemnation

Embrace the suffer day by day,
consequence of man

and the victims, what do they think

lost in a circle of crypts
nation with broken wings
I think about the disease,
Searching answers
and the victims.
Track Name: Siberia
bury it, bury the moment, the destiny is not written, a foolishness Once again one step I'm not afraid and I review every past!
Men so selfish have the mind clouded by the cold of sadness and get lost into winter problems,I review every past!
dodge the avalanche,you have to dodge your bad thoughts
trapped in the iceberg, dead in silence.I see the smoke comes out from the mouth.
we are living seasons where the sun can't laugh!
it's 7 a.m, but i'm not frozen!no permanence under zero!
Track Name: Orphans
son called hope!dreams are orphans parents no love, no values
behind the barricades of solitude. one:curse two:agony He lives between these ones
the pain is on his hands but it's the only kingdom
denied by the world denied by himself his gallows is living or leaving?
from silence he receives company decay,full of nothing the beginning of tragedy